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A hoodie is now so much more than just a boring sweatshirt to throw on after a workout. Today, there are hoodies for men in a plethora of different styles, colors, and shapes. What once was only acceptable to wear at home or to and from the gym has now become a fashion item that fits into most situations.

Zip-Up Hoodie

If you're looking for a more relaxed look and a hoodie that can quickly be taken off, zip-up hoodies might be the right choice. The zipper makes it easy to quickly and smoothly take off the hoodie. You can also open the zipper if it gets too hot, which also gives you a completely different style. Experiment with the zipper closed, halfway open, or fully open for different looks.

Pullover Hoodies

Another type of hoodie for men is the popular pullover. This hoodie doesn't have a zipper, which gives it a more stylish appearance. While a zip-up hoodie may not be suitable for the office, a stylish pullover can definitely work. Match it with a pair of nice pants and shoes for an incredibly fresh and stylish look with maximum comfort.

Choose the Color of Your Hoodie

The color that suits your hoodie best depends on your personal style, what you're doing, and what clothes it will be matched with. White hoodies for men go well with most things, but may not be as easily suited to the office as, for example, black or gray. If you want to stand out with your look, you can use brighter colors such as orange and yellow.

Hoodies with Prints

Prints on hoodies can completely change their appearance. For example, a black hoodie for men that is perfect for the office can be completely transformed into something you wear in the skatepark with the right print. Where the print is placed and how large it is also plays a role. The brand's name or symbol on the chest or text along the arms - there's something for everyone.

Everyday Hoodies

Hoodies are a perfect everyday garment to put on when you go out. At the same time, they are just as suitable to wear at home for extra warmth and comfort. A good men's wardrobe contains several different hoodies that you can match and use in everyday life. An oversized and warm hoodie for cozy nights in and a well-fitting discreet and stylish hoodie for the office are a good start.

Take Care of Your Hoodie

Since hoodies historically have not been seen as a fashion item, it is important that you take care of them so that they don't look worn out. No matter how stylish the hoodie actually is, it can look like something you just threw on after a workout if it's worn out. Therefore, make sure to follow the instructions when washing them for maximum lifespan. To preserve the color and shape of your hoodie for as long as possible, you should not wash it too often. It's perfectly fine to wear a hoodie several times before throwing it in the wash, provided that it hasn't gotten dirty, of course. Make sure to wash the hoodie with clothes in similar or matching colors. This way, you avoid the risk of discoloration.