Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or need a practical bag for gym clothes and equipment, we have something for you. Below we will take you through some of our best tips and tricks for choosing the right weekend bag for your needs.

Size and capacity

An important factor to consider when choosing a weekend bag is its size and capacity. For shorter trips, a smaller weekend bag with a capacity of up to 30 liters may be sufficient, while for longer trips, you may need a larger bag with a capacity of up to 50 liters. Also, consider a weekend bag with multiple compartments and zippered pockets to help organize your belongings.

Material and quality

Choosing the right material is crucial for a durable and sturdy weekend bag. Our weekend bags are made of high-quality materials, making them both stylish and durable. Also, consider a waterproof or water-resistant weekend bag if you're traveling to a rainy destination.

Design and style

A weekend bag doesn't just have to be practical; it can also be a fashion accessory that complements your style. We have a wide range of styles and designs for our weekend bags, from classic leather bags to modern fabric bags with patterns and colors. The most important thing is to find a design that matches your personal style.

Price and budget

Choosing the right weekend bag doesn't have to cost a fortune. We have a wide range of affordable options for all budgets. Keep in mind that a higher price often corresponds to higher quality and better material selection, but there are also many affordable options that are of high quality. At NLYMAN, you'll find a wide range of weekend bags for men that fit all styles and needs. Whether you need a bag for a short weekend trip or to carry gym clothes and equipment, we have something for you. Remember to choose a bag that fits your style and needs when choosing your new weekend bag.