When casual meets formal. We picked out the best style choices for the more formal occasion, perfect for Christmas and New Year's celebrations.

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Christmas Party Shop

Dress Up Shop – Buy Your Christmas Outfit

Is it time to find a stylish new outfit for the coming christmas parties? Check out our big Dress Up Shop - perfect now that the big party season is finally here. We have everything from formal suits to shirts and classics accessories, from tons of well-known brands such as Selected Homme, Filippa K, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tiger of Sweden, Gant and Jack & Jones. So start looking aroudn and find your party favorites.

Clothes, Shoes and Accessories for Parties

Invited to an office christmas party, a christmas dinner, an afterwork party or maybe a new year's celebration? Forget the stress, here you can pick out everything you need to nail the style for any party at all. You can either go for a classic black suit (a stylish and sure choice) or a clean blazer in one of the year's trend colors. Right now we're extra into burgundy and brown shades. The possibilites are endless. When you've got the basics down, you can go all in on accessories and shoes. For new year's everything should of course be taken up a notch, so go for elegant shoes and accessories. An eye-catching watch is always good. For a more casual after work get-together, we can recommend a shirt and a decently formal overshirt or blazer.

Take care of Your New Party Style

For your new blazer, shirt or pants to retain their shape and look nice longer, it's important that you take care of them in the right manner. Check the washing instructions on the tag first. Often it's enough with a gentle wash on 30 degrees Celsius or according to the instructions. Good for the item, but also super for the environment!

A Maxed-Out, Party-Primed Shop

Going to a christmas party? Cool! Then we can recommend the trendiest thing right now: an overshirt instead of a blazer! Choose one in robust cotton so it retains its shape - straight and boxy is the look to go for. Match with either a good quality fancy T-shirt (solid colored, of course!) or a shirt for a nice layer-on-layer idea. RSVP yes to the invite and start planning your look immediately - our Dress Up Shop is loaded with the latest. And don't forget accessories set the entire style…

Clothes for Christmas Parties Online at NLY MAN

Are you primed to find your new, christmassy party outfit? We are certain that you will meet your new party pals here. With loads of different brands, there's a good chance something will be to your liking - just go wild in all the great clothes. We have quick deliveries, easy returns and good payment solutions. Merry Christmas from us at NLY MAN!!

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Necklace By Billgren £34.95
FIRE STARTER *BLUE LIGHT* Le Specs £54.95 £38.50 30%
Coming soon
Eastham Gant Time £199.95
JOHN Chpo £27.95
Ring By Billgren £32.95
Bracelet By Billgren £39.95
Mars Saddler £47.95 £23.95 50%
THE PRINCE *BLUE LIGHT* Le Specs £64.95 £38.95 40%
SLHHENRY LEATHER BELT B NOOS Selected Homme £34.95 £24.50 30%
Ring By Billgren £32.95
Wednesday Metal Chpo £74.95 £37.50 50%
Naiad Saddler £51.95 £30.95 40%
Ribe Saddler £47.95 £28.95 40%
SLHNATE LEATHER BELT B NOOS Selected Homme £34.95 £20.95 40%
Ring By Billgren £32.95
Bracelet By Billgren £34.95
Park Hill II Day-date Gant Time £219.95
Arion Saddler £42.95 £25.95 40%
Nando Black Gold Chpo £59.95
Beanie Lyle & Scott £22.95 £13.95 39%
Bracelet By Billgren £47.95
AC CUFF KNIT G Adidas Originals £22.95
Hermann Saddler £54.95
Wednesday Metal Chpo £74.95 £44.95 40%
JACTORONTO WOVEN SCARF LN Jack & Jones £29.95 £14.95 50%
Khorshid Fika Chpo £44.95
Wordmark Beanie Levi's £32.95
Henningsen Wallet Saddler £42.95
Hermann Saddler £54.95
JACMONTANA LEATHER GLOVES Jack & Jones £34.95 £20.95 40%
JACTORONTO WOVEN SCARF LN Jack & Jones £29.95 £17.95 40%
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