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The climate question is one of the great challenges of our time and together we must act to slow down the heating up of our planet. Read more here!

Our Sustainability Journey

Our sustainability journey started in earnest back in 2019 when we realized then that we need to work together when it comes to the climate question. We joined STICA – The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action. STICA supports Swedish fashion – and the textile industry in their efforts to reduce their impact on the climate. The reporting model used is called GHG Protocol and up to now we have collected data for Scope 1 (direct emission – e.g. emission from company cars), Scope 2 (indirect emission – e.g. heating for office and warehouse) and during 2020 we will increase the data collection for Scope 3 (emission in the supply chain – e.g. emission during production).

Together with STICA we have the common goal of reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases in line with the UN climate goals, which means the temperature increase shall not exceed 1.5 degrees.

This is what we accomplished during 2019

With a stronger climate focus and a new traveling policy, the number of km traveled by train increased with 15%, while airplane km were reduced by 30% compared to 2018. After applying a ban on air transports during the planning phase of our internally produced items, we saw a 28% decrease in the carbon emission for our inbound transports.

To further strengthen our environmental focus, NLY MAN made the decision to give away a climate compensation via ClimateHero to our personnel as a Christmas present. The funds were invested in a UN-certified wind power project in India, where a portion of our own brands are produced.

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