About Nelly.com, NLYMan.com & Qliro Group

Nelly.com and NLYMan.com are leading online fashion businesses for trendy women and men between the ages 18 to 35. Nelly and NLY MAN inspire with new fashion arrivals every day from around 700 different brands within clothing, shoes, underwear, swimwear, beauty products, accessories and sports fashion. At Nelly.com/NLYMan.com you will find up to 300 new items every day from internationally known fashion houses as well as our own brands such as NLY Trend and NLY Shoes, NLY Lingerie and NLY Design.

Our core competence

Nelly.com and NLYMan.com offer a wide selection of the latest fashion trends and must-haves for the young, fashion-conscious and outgoing.

Our vision

To be the Scandinavia's number one online fashion destination providing a wide selection of the latest fashion trends and must-haves for the young, trendy and outgoing crowd.

Our Characteristics

Strong self confidence characterizes everything we do. We stick to our style and we never apologize for wanting it all.

We think life is greater when lived in style - we want to always look our best while going after our goals. We are a pioneering brand at heart, constantly on our toes to stay contemporary and on trend - we deliver what you want right now.

Our brand is accessible in terms of style, service and prices. The price will not always be low, but it should always reflect value for money.

Our Market

Today NLYMan.com exists in the following countries:

  • Sweden (since the beginning of 2003)
  • Norway (launched in 2008)
  • Denmark (launched in 2008)
  • Finland (launched in 2008)
  • Germany (launched in 2010)
  • Austria (launched in 2011)
  • The Netherlands (launched in 2011)
  • EU site that offers the possibility to shop from most of the countries within the EU (launched in 2011)
  • UK (launched in 2012)
  • France (launched in 2013)
  • International site that offers the possibility to shop from countries outside the EU (launched in 2013)
  • Belgium (launched in 2014)
  • Poland (launched in 2014)

For press contact with NLYMan.com, please email press@nelly.com.

If you wish to contact us via regular mail, please send it to:
NLY Scandinavia AB/NLYMan.com
Box 690
501 13 Borås

Nelly.com and NLYMan.com, with the legal name NLY Scandinavia AB (Org: 556653-8822), are part of the e-commerce group Qliro Group AB (publ.), leading within e-commerce in the Nordic countries. Ever since its beginning in 1999, the group has expanded their product portfolio and today they are leading within the markets Entertainment, (CDON.com and Lekmer.com), Fashion (Nelly.com and Members.com), Sport & Fitness (Gymgrossisten.com, Bodystore.com and Milebreaker.com) and payment service Qliro Payment Solution (Qliro.com ). Qliro Group's online shops attracted around 286 million visitors, about 8.6 million orders and had a turnover of 5.2 billion SEK during 2015.

Qliro Group's shares are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid-Cap list under the name "QLRO". For more information on the Qliro Group AB (publ.), press contact and career opportunities within the group, please visit www.cdongroup.com.