Warehouse Move Info Corner

We're moving our warehouse so that we can offer you the best possible service in the future!

Any questions or thoughts?
Here you'll find all the information about your orders and returns during the move.

Why are some of the items I ordered missing in the package?

Since we're moving our warehouse, your order may be shipped from two different warehouses!

Why did I get one order confirmation, but two dispatch confirmations?

Because of the warehouse move, your order was shipped in two different packages from two different warehouses!

I got my order in two different packages, can I return things in just one package?

Ofc! Just put the items in the same package and return it the same way as always. Oh, and don't forget to register your return on My Page!
Note that you need to have received both packages before you register your return!

Why did I get charged for the return fee twice for only one order?

Don’t worry! If the return fee was charged twice, then one will automatically be removed within a week.

Why wasn't there a delivery note in my package?

You get your delivery note by email when we ship your package!

Any more questions?
Contact our awesome customer service.