Jeans have become one of the most popular types of pants, and as a trend, men's denim shorts have certainly followed suit. If you're used to wearing shorts during the warmest months, denim is a thicker and more durable material that can keep you warm even into the spring. It's also an easy material to combine with different styles and outfits.

Men's denim shorts - perfect for warmer seasons

As the weather warms up in the spring, it can get really sweaty when the sun is out. That's when it's nice to have shorts to avoid sticky legs on the hottest days. Men's denim shorts can give you a comfortable summer feeling even before the summer season starts and can also be a stylish garment to mix and match. There are many different styles, washes, and colors to choose from.

Different washes on men's denim shorts

On longer men's denim shorts and other models, lighter colors are common, and as soon as the weather permits, it can be a great opportunity to try out different washes. You can choose men's denim shorts with lighter washes that are solid colored or have a darker blue hue in the middle of the thigh. Or why not completely faded models with a matte shade that fits well with a fresh t-shirt?

How to style your men's denim shorts

Regardless of whether you have longer or shorter shorts, you can always fold them up at the bottom to get a suitable length. Choose a more fitted design if you want a more elegant style, and loose-fitting for a more sporty or streetwear look. Shorts in black, dark blue, and green go better with elegant and clean-cut outfits, while stone-washed denim in different shades is more relaxed.

How to get a casual look

Denim as a material belongs to the casual category, and you usually don't wear shorts to the workplace or in formal settings. Therefore, men's denim shorts often fit in with relaxed outfits. Because classic denim colors are blue, black, green, and gray, they are easy to combine with other shades. Whether you choose sneakers or slippers, a t-shirt, shirt, or sweater, you'll get a cool look.

Laundry tips for men's denim shorts

During the spring and summer, it's often warm. Then it's easy to want to wash the shorts, but the fact is that we usually wash them too much. If you wash them too often, the color will disappear, and they will quickly look dull in the fabric. It's better to air them out properly every now and then instead. So skip the washing machine every other time and hang them out instead!

Summer garments that can withstand a lot

Summer often means that you'll be outside in various environments. It can be for hanging out in the park or in the city with friends. Men's denim shorts are perfect in most situations because the material is durable and robust but still looks stylish, especially when combined with a tan. Denim fabric also often lasts for many years and retains both color and shape. Can you wear shorts when going out to a restaurant or nightclub with your friends? In most cases, longer shorts work for such occasions, and the fact is that a pair of white men's denim shorts can look really stylish together with a tan. You can also combine white and lighter summer shorts with almost anything: linen shirts, t-shirts in lighter colors, and of course, stylish accessories.